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Intelligent LED lighting choice
- Mar 02, 2017 -

Imagine such a scene: when you're on the way home, when will be independent and free to open all of the LED tube lamps and other lighting and light colors can also automatically adjusts depending on weather. This is a pleasant way of life.

In fact, this picture is no longer imagine LED intelligent lighting can be done. LED combined with intelligent lighting, LED lighting to a whole new level.

The 90 's of the last century, the United States first proposed the "green lighting scheme", after that, the States are to varying degrees, began to promote it, and smart became the preferred green lighting.

In addition, in China's "Twelve-Five" project, green development are referred to an unprecedented height. "Green and low-carbon, energy-saving, environmental protection and sustainable development" as the core of future urban development terms.

Being pushed around "intelligent city" construction and intelligent lighting system, is an indispensable link building smarter cities. Now with low-carbon, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly concept increasingly popular green lighting became the market's needs, and intelligent lighting with intelligent, energy-saving, environmental protection to meet the market demand.

LED intelligent lighting is lighting industry development trend in the future, it will also be the intelligent city of choice for construction, we look forward to the future development.