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LED down light will reach stable light output
- Mar 02, 2017 -

2009 WMO LightSaver project was launched, and the HSBC climate partnership program (Climate Partnership) sponsorship, the goal is to promote market acceptance of LED lighting and lighting control.

Compared with conventional lighting, LED tube lights energy saving more, compared with existing technology and energy saving of up to 85%. Therefore, more and more people are beginning to accept LED downlight new lighting, it is also about to become a new trend in lighting.

Through research and development, LED down light lighting advantages such as more:

1. the LED down light test between 50,000 to 100,000 hours life, higher returns on investment.

2. energy saving LED down light 50%-70%, combined with intelligent control system for energy saving of up to 80%. (Energy-saving performance test ranged from 18% to 85%, 20 of the 27 products 50% energy saving or more 10 or more energy efficient 70%. )

3. the LED Downlight for 6,000 hours after the "catastrophic" failure ratio is about 1%, by contrast, ceramic metal halide lamps use about the time of the failure rate of up to 10%.

4. in Calcutta, London, Sydney and Toronto's survey showed that 68% to 90% per cent of respondents support the city's promotion LED downlight lamps. Outstanding benefits include improved safety and visibility.