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LED downlight kill traditional lighting
- Mar 02, 2017 -

It is well known that lighting is indispensable in the life of an activity, especially since after Edison invented the light bulb, lighting has been in our lives.

But with the development of society, is no way to avoid light pollution, look for energy-efficient lighting is becoming more and more important to health. LED tube lights and green lights appeared at this time.

In 2013, China LED the scale of applications reached 121 billion yuan, an increase of 34.44%, is LED in the fastest-growing part of the industry chain as a whole. Among them, general lighting growth is most evident, the overall share had reached 25%. Universal lighting includes two types of indoor lighting and outdoor lighting.

These two types of applications require lamps with high luminous efficiency, long service life and environmental characteristics, the main difference is that indoor lighting lighting effects and high quality requirements, and the consumer-oriented groups of lamps is more price-sensitive. Therefore, the development of new high efficiency, energy-saving, long life and color rendering index better and environmentally-friendly indoor lighting have very important significance for energy-saving urban lighting.

Shanghai should be beauty electronic technology limited is professional of LED lamps production manufacturers, its production of LED tube lamp used quality high brightness LED light, light effect high, and explicit color sex high, can directly alternative traditional fluorescent, save energy up to 50% above; products life up 50,000 hours, is traditional energy-saving lamp of 10 times times around, 24 hours continuous points bright available 6 years around, reduced products maintenance; LED solid light, no harmful metal mercury, spectrum in the not containing UV and infrared, no radiation pollution According to the diversified needs of customers, to intelligent control products; hole size is important in design as with traditional lights, replaces a wider range, should be used in all kinds of Office, household hotels, shopping malls, conference rooms, Business Hall of large area lighting, such as indoor places.