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LED lighting of the three worlds
- Mar 02, 2017 -

Lighting of the LED is a new technology, it has the advantages of general lighting without, such as energy-saving and environmentally-friendly attributes, and so on. LED industry chain is divided into three main industries, including LED chips, LED package and LED downlight luminaires in applications such as manufacturing, and so on.

LED although the time is not very long, but a lot of attention because of excellent characteristics. From a global perspective, at present, making research participate in LED development of an increasing number of States, in fact, in the LED industry, can also be divided into three grades.

The first world: America, Europe and Japan. Characterized by a red, yellow, Blu-ray and other inventors as a representative of the company, their patented technology leadership, and continuous improvement and breakthrough, even though it has some slow years.

The second world: China (including Taiwan), the South Korean company. Production and sales of these big companies are not necessarily smaller than the first world, but the brand recognition, advanced technology is still the poor relation.

The third world: all SMEs, mainly in mainland China, is in from the manufacture to the "smart" in the transition.

China's LED industry is in rapid development, prospects are to be reckoned with, slowly marching to the first world, will be the next target.