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Rise LED packaging industry
- Mar 02, 2017 -

LED encapsulated in the LED industry chain in the end, it is indispensable to the production of LED downlight lighting processes, but also one of the fastest-growing LED industry in China.

China is a big LED package, estimated to number 80% in the world of LED device package focused on China, distributed in various American, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, domestic package business. In 2013, a year, LED packaging industry in China is developing fast.

In 2013, China's rise led packaging manufacturers, LED packaging industry reached 40.3 billion yuan in 2012, representing a 32 billion yuan of increased 26%. SMD production accounted for 51.9% of them, become the most popular package, followed by the Lamp, accounted for 38.4%, COB is about 7.7% per cent.

2013 package of development except on the production output growth, robust development of packaging technology has also matured technology, emerging technology collective situation. Eutectic EMC COB packaging, package, Gold package-free process and technology has developed rapidly, and continue to reduce costs and improve reliability of the breach. In addition, in terms of product specifications, packaging companies, instead of to the power line, application-oriented and increase the proportion of power devices.

With the accumulation of process technology and brand reputation, LED packaging company in China, the China power LED applications played an important and leading role, LED packaging industry will get better and faster development.