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36W-40W 80-130lm/W Square LED Panel Lighting

36W-40W 80-130lm/W Square LED Panel Lighting

Key Features: • LM-80 certified LED as light source • Special for recessed installation • Different dimming optional: 0-10V Dimming/Triac dimming/DALI Dimming • Adopt TV light guide technology with laser print LGP Construction Features: • Extra thin Aluminum Frame 10mm • Housing material:...

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Product Details

36W-40W 80-130lm/W Square LED Panel Light


Features of square LED panel light:

(1)  High brightness led chip SMD2835
(2)  Isolated Driver with input voltage AC85-265V.

(3)  Save power more than 90% by traditional lamp. 
(4)  Long time working, 24 hours/day is available, produce low heat.
(5)  No RF Interference. 
(6)  No mercury or other hazardous materials, accord with RoHs. 
(7)  Working environment -20°C~45°C, suitable for unusual climate.
(8)  Low maintenance cost.
(9)  These lamps can instead of 100W incandescent tube lamp.

(10)Ultra slim 10mm height, modern light decoration for home office, supermarket, school, etc.

(11)  Very competitive price, high performance, isolated driver, high lumen led chip.
(12)  Imported Japanese Mitsubishi light guide, good light guide effect. 
(13)  Dimmable is available.


Electronic & Optical Parameters

Item No. Power Size Lumen
CPS-E1A20-P5 20W 295*295*10mm 1700lm±8%
CPS-E4A32-P5 32W 595*595*10mm 3200lm±8%
CPS-E4A36-P5 36W 595*595*10mm 3600lm±8%
CPS-E4A40-P5 40W 595*595*10mm 4000lm±8%
CPS-E6A36-P5 36W 619*619*10mm 3600lm±8%
CPS-E6A40-P5 40W 619*619*10mm 4000lm±8%
CPS-E2A30-P5 30W 295*595*10mm 2700lm±8%
CPS-E3A36-P5 36W 295*1195*10mm 3600lm±8%
CPS-E3A40-P5 40W 295*1195*10mm 4000lm±8%
CPS-E5A70-P5 70W 595*1195*10mm 7000lm±8%



Square LED panel applications:

   Local lighting:

1).Residential buildings: sitting room, living room, study room, lockerroom, kitchen, courtyard, etc.;

2).Exhibition places: supermarket, shopping mall, display window; museums, art galleries, cosmetic and jewelry counters and place;

3).Public store: hardware store, lighting store, electronic store, DIY store, internet shop;

  Ambient lighting:

1). Office block: office section, meeting room, reception room and other areas;

2). School: classroom, library;

3). Factory: office, warehouse, dining room, retiring room;

4). Commercial center: hotels, casinos, and other

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