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LED Flat Panel Lights

LED flat panel light is a kind of lamp, which has the characteristics of energy saving, high brightness, no mercury, no infrared light, no ultraviolet light, no electromagnetic interference, no thermal effect, no radiation, no stroboscopic phenomenon. The lamps are light in weight and have a variety of ways, such as embedding and hanging wires, which are easy to install.
LED flat panel lights adopt the liquid crystal backlight technology and high-efficiency LED chip, and unique heat dissipation design to ensure the high LED efficiency, low light decay and long life. The LED flat panel light is practical and useful that it is applied to hotels, conference rooms, factories or offices, commercial uses, residential or public facilities, schools, hospitals where energy conservation and high color rendering index lighting are required.
The LED light is made by our company which is one of the reliable manufacturers and suppliers in China. It is of guaranteed quality with the reasonable price which is quite cost effective. And it is a kind of green products with no harmful substances, which is non-toxic. odorless and eco-friendly.
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