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2ft / 4ft / 8ft / FootT8 LED Tube Retrofit Lights

2ft / 4ft / 8ft / FootT8 LED Tube Retrofit Lights

Product Description Wide tube selections for different project with retrofit tube lights. 2ft / 4ft / 6ft / 8ft T8 LED tube retrofit lights, UL Listed good replacements for traditional fluorescent tubes LED T8 retrofit light Key features • UL Certified • 8ft LED Tube lights available,perfect for...

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Product Details

2ft / 4ft / 8ft / FootT8 LED Tube Retrofit Lights


Description of the LED tube retrofit light:

1. Direct replacement for T8 fluorescent tubes 

2. High efficient LED light source--- San’an SMD2835

3. Easy installation (mounted and hanging up for option)

4. No flickering and no humming; safe and reliable

5. High quality aluminum with PC,excellent heat dissipation.


Technical Features

• Input Voltage: AC100-277V 50/60Hz

• Operation Voltage: DC36-42V

• Total harmonic distortion: THD: ≤20%

• Power Factor: PF>0.95

• Color Index: Ra>83

• Lumens maintenance @6000h: >80%

• Switching cycle before failure: 100,000

• IP Rating: IP20

• Life Span: 50,000 hours

• Operation Temperature: -25°C~+45°C

• Storage Temperature: -25°C~+55°C



Product Name Product Code Rated Power Dimension(without pin) Input Voltage LED Type





Lumen Efficacy(LM/W) CRI Energy Efficiency Class
2ft/10W CPS-2A10-F2 10W Φ28*588mm AC100-277V SMD2835 PF>0.95 1100 typ.110 Ra>83 A++
3ft/15W CPS-3A15-F2 15W Φ28*893mm AC100-277V SMD2835 PF>0.95 1650 typ.110 Ra>83 A++
4ft/18W CPS-4A18-F2 19W Φ28*1198mm AC100-277V SMD2835 PF>0.95 2470 typ.130 Ra>83 A++
5ft/22W CPS-5A22-F2 22W Φ28*1495mm AC100-277V SMD2835 PF>0.95 2640 typ.120 Ra>83 A++
6ft/28W CPS-6A28-F2 28W Φ28*1762mm AC100-277V SMD2835 PF>0.95 3080 typ.110 Ra>83 A++
8ft/38W CPS-8A38-F2 38W Φ28*2373mm AC100-277V SMD2835 PF>0.95 4180 typ.110 Ra>83 A++


Product Features:

(1)Replace and save - It can reduce your energy usage and instantly save 60% on your electricity bill when you replace 25W fluorescent lights with 8W 2ft LED tube lights.

(2)45,000+ hour lifetime - You can spend less time and effort changing your light bulbs and switch to long lasting LED’s. 

(3)Brighter and safer -T8 LED Tube Retrofit Lights are super bright with 1150 lumens of clean, crisp light. Beside, they are mercury-free, composed of shatterproof materials and UL-qualified to ensure safety and quality.

(4)Simple ballast bypass - These lights are dual-end powered and require a simple, energy-saving ballast bypass installation. They are compatible with existing T8, T10, and T12 fluorescent fixtures.




Applications For LED T8 Tube Light

(1)Suitable for all places where require long time lighting, such as underground parking garage, Tunnel, underground passage, warehouse, supermarket, office,kitchen, etc.


(2)The ideal lighting for anywhere that wants to avoid UV, such as beauty parlor, cosmetic show case, wardrobe, etc.

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