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China Made Great Strides In Development Of LED Lighting Industry
- Mar 02, 2017 -

When it comes to LED lighting, many people might think of LED tube light, LED panel light, LED ceiling lamp, lighting, and indeed, over the years, LED lighting lights limelight, loved by many people, thanks to the LED lighting industry's rapid development as well as State support.

In strong support of the State, the LED lighting industry in China has made great progress, development is growing, which LED lighting business and related industries, is a good thing. Now look at 2013 the development of LED lighting industry, really made a lot of progress.

2013 is the "National Semiconductor lighting project" start for ten years. Ten years, Semiconductor Lighting industry has achieved rapid development in China, is the result of the Decade, and leap-forward development of the Decade.

Semiconductor Lighting industry in China has taken shape, formed a relatively complete industrial chain and industrial cluster initial formation, a group of backbone enterprises are thriving, industry is key to the development of technology with the gap narrowing, the model has been living in the world, functional lighting market is gradually opening. Semiconductor Lighting industry in China has become a global revolution in lighting industry transformation and upgrade one of the fastest-growing areas, large with a stronger base for development.

In 2013, the Semiconductor Lighting industry in China after 2012 financial crisis bottomed out, and as of 2010, a change years of rapid development. 2013, the largest focus of the application is the recovery of the global economy and demand pick up, intensive introduction of domestic energy conservation and environmental protection policies, in such a context, both at home and abroad LED general lighting market's start is 2013 most direct driving force of industrial development, technological breakthroughs continued cost reduction and accelerated penetration of LED lighting market, steady growth of the LED backlighting market, innovative applications abound.