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Home LED Lamp How To Choose
- Mar 02, 2017 -

LED tube lamp has many species, and the performance is very good, so loved by consumers. Especially in the field of home improvement, LED down light, with its advantages of energy saving and environmental protection are more sure.

At present, home lighting dominant LED downlight, while traditional downlight because environmental protection is not strong has been gradually phased out. LED downlight new products, some consumers may not know how to choose, then let Shanghai Yi electronic technology company limited to give members a say.

Buy LED tube lamp Note:

Purchase Note: structure of a new LED downlight: drive-radiators--light--light-accessories

1, LED downlight choose normal manufacturer normal brand, quality and after sales there will be a very good protection. (See warranty, see comments)

2, LED tube lights common sunflower radiator with super thin, light body heat two, live in a high-rise above, recommend use of ultra thin thermal dissipation space will be more effective and better can also increase ceiling heights to improve the room more space.

3, LED tube light source power and chip in two ways.

Consumers can buy based on your needs, different functions for different decorating needs, which also requires understanding and analysis of concrete.