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LED Flat Lamp Can Effectively Relieve Eyestrain
- Oct 23, 2017 -

LED flat lamp, including lamp slot, LED light bar, a diffuser plate, a light guide plate, a reflective plate and a rear cover arranged in the lamp groove, the diffuser plate, the guide plate, the reflective film and the rear cover in order, the LED light strip is installed in the lamp groove, LED Flat Panel Lights and the reflective film and the guide plate are provided with a screen printing film. The LED flat lamp of the utility model has the advantages of simple processing technology, the convex part of the silk-screen film is sparse, middle-dense arrangement, LED Flat Panel Lights which is advantageous to reflect the intermediate light to four weeks, change the path of the light source in the travel of the light source, make the side's luminous angle change to the positive light angle, reach the uniformity effect of the surface light source, The LED flat light emits a uniform light, also improve the utilization of light; This led flat lamp installation is convenient, the installation of the lamp slot through the screws and connectors, the use of connectors on the hanging hole, can be led flat lights in the desired position; Can you tell me about the LED flat-panel light? It is also a replacement of lighting appliances, can directly replace the original traditional fluorescent disk, easy to install, light and soft oh.

Characteristics of LED flat lamps

1. The use of scientific side-light technology, luminous uniform soft, close to natural light, LED Flat Panel Lights comfortable and bright, can effectively alleviate eyestrain;

The use of soft light technology to make the LED flat light to expand to face light, eliminate glare, visual fatigue, sublimation visual effect;

Stable performance, low maintenance rate, versatile, easy to install and save space.

2. Slim. The new type ceiling product, LED Flat Panel Lights the border uses the aluminum alloy, the thickness is only 15-20mm.

Bright all light. The bright light completely plane output, the luminous angle is wider, the surface bright and shiny shines evenly, downy not dazzling.

Green environment. No ultraviolet, infrared radiation, no light pollution, LED Flat Panel Lights and the base material acrylic can be recycled.

Low energy consumption. 80% more energy saving than ordinary fluorescent lamps.

3. High safety performance. LED constant current work, start fast, low voltage, small current, fast heat dissipation, no security risks. The power supply can contact the radiator directly, and the heat dissipation effect is more powerful. Strong insulation, high safety, good dust-proof effect, LED Flat Panel Lights green environmental protection. No strobe, pure DC, eliminates the visual fatigue caused by the traditional light source stroboscopic. Low-voltage work, safe and reliable, suitable for public safety lighting requirements. Driven by PWM constant current technology, high efficiency, constant flow precision, low electromagnetic radiation. LED Flat Panel Lights Can directly replace the existing traditional energy-saving lamps.