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LED Flat Light Does Not Pollute The Environment
- Aug 24, 2017 -

LED flat-panel lamps are widely used in hotels, conference rooms, schools, hospitals, residential or public facilities such as the need for energy-saving and high color rendering index lighting places. So let's take a detailed look at this led light.

LED Flat lamp Characteristics:

"Efficient energy-saving": energy-saving, high brightness, no mercury, no infrared, no ultraviolet, no electromagnetic interference, no thermal effect, no radiation, no stroboscopic phenomenon; LED Flat Panel Lights latest high efficiency constant current driver;

"Bright Uniform Light": the bright light completely plane output, the luminous angle is wider;

"Ultra-thin Ultra Light": Special circuit design, to avoid single bad lights affect the overall effect;

"Stable and durable": 5 years of use, not subject to radio interference, LED Flat Panel Lights will not pollute the environment.

LED Flat lamp Application range:

Hotels, conference rooms, factories or offices, commercial uses, LED Flat Panel Lights residential or public facilities, schools, hospitals need energy-saving and high color rendering index lighting places.

LED Plate Light Guide plate features:

Tungsten and halogen lamps produce very large amount of heat and harmful ultraviolet or infra-red, the input power reaches 95%;

Harmful ultraviolet or infrared heating causes discoloration or damage;

Perfect heat treatment (no ultraviolet, no infrared) to ensure "green lighting" lamp service life long.

LED Flat lamp Emergency treatment:

In different occasions, according to the requirements of customers, LED Flat Panel Lights the installation of flat-panel lamps matching the emergency function, power can continue to power after 3 hours.

LED Flat lamp Features:

1, LED flat-panel lamp is the use of LCD backlight technology and efficient LED chip, a unique thermal design, to ensure that led high efficiency, low light, long life.

2, the surface bright and shiny luminous uniformity, soft not dazzling.

3, 100~240vac input voltage, high power efficiency. Short start-up time, no flicker.

4. Light weight and easy installation. Environmental protection, safety, non-polluting, LED Flat Panel Lights in line with the RoHS standard.

5, stable performance, low maintenance rate. Versatile, easy to install and save space

6, LED panel lamp life of up to 30,000 hours, even if frequently switch will not affect product life;

7, green environmental protection lighting products, LED Flat Panel Lights do not contain mercury, lead and other pollution elements materials;

8, LED flat lamp without ultraviolet light, no infra-red, so as to avoid exposure to radiation damage;

9, the use of soft light technology to expand led flat light source, eliminate glare, visual fatigue, sublimation visual effect;

10, LED flat lamp color index high, color reduction strong, clear vision, LED Flat Panel Lights see objects are not distorted, suitable for high-end commercial lighting use;

11, no stroboscopic, pure DC work, eliminating the traditional flat-panel light caused by stroboscopic visual fatigue;