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LED Flat Lights Light Uniform And Soft
- Aug 15, 2017 -

LED flat lights are widely used in hotels, conference rooms, schools, hospitals, residential or public facilities such as energy-saving and high color rendering index lighting.

LED flat light characteristics:

Energy saving, high brightness, no mercury, no infrared, no UV, LED Flat Panel Lights no electromagnetic interference, no thermal effect, no radiation, no flicker phenomenon; the latest high efficiency constant current driver;

[Bright light]: bright light completely flat output, light angle wider;

[Ultra-thin ultra-light]: dedicated circuit design, to avoid a single bad impact on the overall effect;

[Stable and durable]: 5 years of use, free from radio interference, LED Flat Panel Lights will not pollute the environment.

LED Panel Light Application:

Hotels, conference rooms, factories or offices, commercial use, LED Flat Panel Lights residential or public facilities, schools, hospitals need energy-saving and high color rendering index lighting.

LED plate light, including lamp vessel, LED light bar, diffuser plate, light guide plate, reflector and back cover installed in the lamp vessel, the diffuser plate, light guide plate, reflector and rear cover are arranged in turn, In the lamp vessel, a screen printing film is provided between the reflective sheet and the light guide plate. The LED flat lamp of the utility model has the advantages of simple processing technology, and the convex part on the screen printing film is sparsely arranged in the middle, LED Flat Panel Lights and is arranged to reflect the middle light to the surroundings, and the path of the light source is changed in the stroke of the light source, The light emitting angle is changed to the positive light emitting angle, and the uniformity of the surface light source is achieved, and the light emitted by the LED panel lamp is uniform and the utilization ratio of the light is improved. The LED flat lamp is easy to install, LED Flat Panel Lights With the connection connection, the use of connectors on the suspension hole, LED plate lights can be suspended in the desired location; as the LED light bar close to the lamp slot, conducive to heat. Can you probably know what is the LED flat light? It is still a replacement lighting appliances, can be directly replaced by the original traditional fluorescent lamp, easy installation, soft light Oh.

LED flat lamp characteristics

1. The use of scientific side of the luminous technology, light uniform and soft, LED Flat Panel Lights close to natural light, comfortable and bright, can effectively relieve eye fatigue;

The use of soft light technology to expand the LED panel light source for the surface to eliminate glare, visual fatigue, sublimation visual effects;

Stable performance, low maintenance rate, versatility, easy to install space savings.

2. Slim. New ceiling products, the use of aluminum frame, the thickness of only 15-20MM.

Bright and light. Bright light completely flat output, LED Flat Panel Lights wide angle of light, smooth and shiny surface, soft and not glare.

Green. No UV, infrared radiation, no light pollution, LED Flat Panel Lights and the substrate can be recycled acrylic.

Low energy consumption. Saving 80% more than ordinary fluorescent lamps.

3. High safety performance. LED constant current work, start fast, low voltage, current is small, fast heat, no security risks. Power supply can be directly connected to the heat sink, heat more powerful. Insulation strong, high security, dust effect is good, green. No flicker, pure DC, LED Flat Panel Lights eliminating the traditional light strobe caused by visual fatigue. Low pressure low heat work, safe and reliable, suitable for public places safety lighting requirements. Driven by PWM constant current technology, high efficiency, high precision constant current, low electromagnetic radiation. Can directly replace the existing traditional energy-saving lamps.