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LED Panel Lamp Cooling Effect Is Good
- Jun 28, 2017 -

At present, LED panel lights in the application of indoor lighting more and more widely, whether it is hotels, conference rooms, factories or offices, commercial use, residential or public facilities, schools, hospitals as long as there is energy-saving or the need for high color Most have been using LED panel lights to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp, on the one hand LED panel lights played a role in energy saving and environmental protection, on the other hand to create a good lighting atmosphere. What is the internal structure of it?

Generally from the big side, we put a LED panel lights into seven components, LED Panel Light the following we have a detailed understanding of the seven parts of it!

1, aluminum frame

Aluminum frame appearance of the composition and the main structure of the main use of LED cooling AL6063, aluminum extrusion die, pre-cost low input, good surface treatment, good heat dissipation, but if the use of die-casting frame, this will not only improve the IP protection level, , LED Panel Light The overall appearance, but the pre-injection mold costs higher.

2, light guide plate

The side of the LED light through the dot refraction to change the light angle out, the light guide plate is the heart of flat lights, network design is very important, the network design is not good, see the overall light effect is very poor, generally appear 1. middle light, Dark; 2. into the light side of the bright side, the middle dark; 3. standing in different angles, the overall brightness is inconsistent; 4. local dark area obvious. Light guide plate of the light effect of a large part of the design in the network, LED Panel Light followed by the selection of the plate, but blindly pursuing the brand of the plate is wrong, because many brands like Japan's Mitsubishi, most of its good plate are People ordered a good, many of the market out of the Mitsubishi plate for some scrap, the light transmission rate is not as high as their own plate, so the choice of plate does not necessarily want to see the plate manufacturers, LED Panel Light as long as the test light transmission efficiency Yes.

3. Diffusion plate

Diffuse plate is the role of the light guide plate evenly out of the light, as well as play the role of blocking network, the diffusion plate generally use acrylic 2.0 sheet or PC material, the lower the cost of acrylic and light transmission than the PC slightly higher, LED Panel Light Acrylic fragile anti-aging performance is weak, PC prices are slightly more expensive, but anti-aging performance. Diffuse plate can not be seen after the installation of outlets, and the light transmission rate to about 90%. Acrylic transmittance at 92%, PC 88%. We can according to the needs of the choice of diffusion plate material, the general use of acrylic materials.

4. Reflective paper

Reflective paper is mainly the light guide plate on the back of the light reflected in the general RW250.

5.LED light source

The general use of SMD3528 also use 5630 and 5050,5630 and 5050 light efficiency is not high and the network design is difficult, versatility is poor, but the cost is low. SMD3528 high efficiency of high point network.

6. Rear cover

Sealed lamp body - generally AL aluminum, the overall texture is strong, LED Panel Light and can play a little heat dissipation.

7. Drive the power supply

At present, LED lighting has two kinds of power supply 1. Direct use of constant current power supply (this mode is high efficiency, PF value of up to 0.95, cost-effective) 2. Constant pressure with constant current mode (stable performance, but low efficiency, high cost) The use of this model is to require certification of the customer design, because the lamp is 24V input low-voltage lamps, do not need to do security, direct use of safety power can be shipped to various countries, the use of a wide range.