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LED Panel Light Can Bring Us The Feeling Of Beauty
- Nov 02, 2017 -

LED panel lamp is a high-end indoor lighting, light source for the LED, the entire design of beautiful and concise lighting, the atmosphere luxurious, both good lighting effect, but also to bring people the feeling of beauty.

The structure of LED panel lamp is composed of backlight module, light source, drive, outer frame structure and diffusion plate. The light source is illuminated from either side or four sides of the light guide material, light after the interference pattern processing of the Light guide plate let the direction of the lights to change, the light of the majority of Gan-involved in the direction of the diffusion plate, LED Panel Light a small amount of reflection to reflect the material and then the second reflection, is light as far as possible to achieve the purpose of illumination.

Characteristics of LED panel lamps

Energy-saving: high efficiency and energy-free pollution, DC drive, ultra-low power consumption, more than 70% of the traditional light source energy saving;

Environmental protection: There is no ultraviolet and infra-red in the spectrum, that is, no heat, no radiation, can be safely touched, LED Panel Light belonging to the typical green light source;

Long life: At present, LED light source life has reached more than 100,000 hours, with the continuous development of LED technology and application of a large number of popularization, in the driving and cooling of the basic to achieve a more ideal state, the city of high-quality LED lamp life expectancy of nearly 10,000-50,000 hours, Almost 10-50 times the average halogen spotlights. ;

Flexible application: ultra-thin and lightweight, LED Panel Light easy to install space saving, can be made of arbitrary graphics and text shape, any color, can also be required to design color effect.

Luminous way: This light source for the side of the edge of the light, LED Panel Light its surface bright and shiny luminous uniform, soft not dazzling.

Which structure does the LED panel light consist of? What are the characteristics of these structures? Here's a little part of the story.

First: LED panel lamp rear cover plate

This rear cover plate is mainly used for sealing the lamp body, for the metal aluminum material, the visual view of the overall texture is strong, because it is aluminum, LED Panel Light but also can play the role of heat dissipation.

Second: Aluminum frame of LED panel lamp

In the selection of aluminum frame, mainly based on the customer's choice of products to design and use. The first is aluminum extrusion molding aluminum frame, this kind of frame surface effect is good, the heat dissipation effect is OK; the second is to adopt the aluminum frame formed by the pressure axis, LED Panel Light this type of frame IP protection level is guaranteed, the effect of optical sealing is OK. LED Panel lights The overall appearance of the effect is very perfect, although the cost is more expensive than the first, but mainly according to customer's custom or after the trial mode to further arrange to the customer, LED Panel Light the most important thing is always to meet the different customer demand for product quality

Third: LED panel lights used LED light source

Many LED panel lamp manufacturers in the use of LED light source is basically used SMD3528, of course, led panel lamp manufacturers face the market dynamic, LED Panel Light we need to meet the actual situation of different customers on the design of the specific needs of products, which we have been focusing on quality, One of the important factors to focus on LED panel lamps.

Four: LED panel lamp Drive power

Currently in the choice of driving power, mainly based on customer demand, for example, if foreign buyers want to buy your LED panel lights, then all of your components must meet the procurement of the country's various quality certification standards, so, LED panel lights choose to drive the choice of two kinds of power supply, one is constant-current drive power , this is more suitable to take the domestic market, LED Panel Light and the 2nd is constant pressure and constant current mode of the driving power supply, although the cost is high, but this can go to the international market, foreign trade export wood has any problems.

V: LED Panel lamp Diffuser

In the LED Panel light Diffuser panel selection, we from the promotion of LED Panel light Guide plate effective transmittance to weigh the choice, generally is the choice of acrylic material to do diffusion plate, its transmittance can reach 92%, acrylic's product weakness is anti-aging ability is not strong, LED Panel Light The advantage is that light transmittance is more suitable for diffusion than other materials.

Sixth: LED Panel light Guide plate

In the whole component of LED panel lights, light guide plate belongs to the more important status, similar to the CPU in the mainframe computer, of course, the function of the guide plate is to make the whole panel light luminous effect to achieve a uniform effect, in the product function requirements, need to guide the mesh point of good design, There are also the use of the plate also need to pay attention to, LED Panel Light the most important thing is to achieve the transmittance of the product must be shipped, in the selection of plate manufacturers also need to be careful, LED Panel Light pay attention to the function of the procurement of products strictly testing, so as to ensure the production of high-quality LED panel lamp products.

Seventh: LED panel light reflective paper

The main purpose of reflective paper in the component of LED panel light is to reflect the light on the back of the guide plate, which is also a component of high quality LED panel lamp, which cannot be omitted.