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LED Panel Light Performance Stability
- Sep 05, 2017 -

As we all know, because the LED panel has a more uniform light, higher, higher frame strength, light uniformity and other characteristics, it solves the problem of energy saving and temperature rise, can be applied to a variety of applications. Widely used in office lighting and industrial lighting field.

In the field of commercial lighting, consumers are more and more demanding on the quality of lighting, and LED panel lights are light, soft, smooth and light, and eye protection is prominent. LED Panel Light Industry insiders say that led panel lights are gradually recognized by consumers, the market penetration rate has also increased.

LED panel light has the following advantages

1, LED panel lamp is the use of LCD backlight technology, a unique thermal design, LED Panel Light to ensure that led high efficiency, low light failure, long life.

2, no ultraviolet and infra-red, the object is harmless.

3, the surface bright and shiny luminous uniformity, soft not dazzling.

4, 100~240vac input voltage, high power efficiency. LED Panel Light Short start-up time, no flicker.

5, easy installation, environmental protection, safety, non-polluting.

6, stable performance, low maintenance rate, universal, easy to save space installation.

At present, the use of panel lights still have problems to consider, LED panel lights Although there is no glare, luminous uniformity and many other advantages, but now want to replace the grille lamp is still time, the problem is:

1, light efficiency: Because of the use of backlit form, a low level of light, the average light efficiency in $number, so to achieve brightness requirements will be high power, high power and not energy-saving.

2, the price: as to improve the brightness, so the number of LED, LED Panel Light the heat can not be too small, plus the price of the guide plate itself is high, so the price is not too big advantage.

3, Weight: This thought, raw materials are solid, certainly not light

Therefore, I think LED panel lights want to use a lot of time, LED Panel Light but because of its uniformity and aesthetics, the follow-up will become mainstream.

The classification of LED panel lights

According to the shape: LED panel lamp can be divided into square, rectangular, round, foreign circle, etc.

By size: 300×300mm, 600x600mm, 300x1200mm, 600x1200mm, etc.

By color temperature: Warm white 3000K, natural light 4000K, white light 6000K

According to the installation: the main flat-type (T-keel), embedded (open), buckle-type (triangular keel), suspension and suction top.

According to the luminous mode: the main side light and back glow/straight down type of two

Advantages of LED Panel lamps


First, high energy efficiency. The light emitted by the LED is directly irradiated by the diffusion plate, which improves the system energy efficiency of the luminaire. The good thing about being straight is that it's high efficiency. )

Second, the quality of LED panel light is reduced

Third, high reliability. We know that in the lamp design, each component and the performance of the materials used will determine the performance of the lamp products, components increase, LED Panel Light reliability can be reduced. So if the use of good quality (note Oh, this is the premise) diffuser plate, lamps can guarantee a longer life.