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LED Panel Light Prices
- Mar 02, 2017 -

1. border and bottom plate

LED panel light border and bottom depending on the material and its thermal performance are not the same, prices there are differences. 6063 aluminum costs about 50-80 (the prices are different specifications for different).

2, light guide plate and diffuser

LED panel light factory production price about 60-80 Yuan (12). Lightguide is good or bad is to determine the quality of the LED panel light, one of the most important factors. Using a quality guide plate can get finished LED panel lights light more evenly. Does not appear dark spots, water ripples, and so on.

3, led and SMD

11lm 3014 on the market now are often priced between 0.13-0.16. Good lights not only stable performance, brightness, light attenuation, and color rendering index is a lot better. 600x600LED panel lights 360 lamp bead, is about 53.

Basically is the use of 11x23 or 11x26mil chips, about a penny/PCs led SMD.

4, aluminum base plates

LED panel light surrounded by light with 4 aluminum plate, light has 2 aluminum plate on both sides, each about 1.5 600x600 Yuan.

5, power

Affect the price of LED panel light power is the most important factor. Bad power supply, direct impact on the LED panel lamp life. UL power performance is stable. About 53, TUV power prices are about 33, other CE power supply.