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LED Panel Lights To Buy Skills
- May 31, 2017 -

Nowadays, the beautiful atmosphere of the LED panel lights more and more consumers of all ages. But consumers buy LED panel lights are always such a problem, LED Panel Light especially in the online shopping process. Today, we teach you how to avoid online shopping LED panel lights misunderstanding.

LED panel lights in the physical store can also be purchased to see, see how the quality, but the Internet is intangible, then we should understand some common sense, to avoid some mistakes.

Not the higher the power, the more light the lamp, LED Panel Light the light of the illumination with a lot of factors, the lamp material, lamp beads lumens have a direct impact on the brightness of the lamp.

Before buying lights to be based on their own style of decoration with what lights, not all lights are suitable for installation.

Use the process of LED panel lights do not shine, if the warranty period to return to the factory repair, if not in the shelf life and do not immediately threw, there may be driven bad, another drive can also be used normally.

Always believe that a penny of goods, LED Panel Light I believe the power of the brand, greedy people to buy lights when the heart is very comfortable, but in the use of the process is very painful, there will be different problems continue to appear.

With ordinary phosphor (halogen powder) or three-color phosphor can produce LED panel lights, with ordinary phosphor production LED panel lights, LED panel lights relatively cheap price, but this LED panel lights use a long time on the hair Dark and the use of three-color phosphor production LED panel lights brightness and color are better, but relatively ordinary phosphor (halogen powder) LED panel lights expensive, consumers can choose according to their own appropriate products.

Should pay attention to see if the product logo is complete, regular LED panel lights products are generally registered trademarks, factory name, site, telephone, LED panel lights prices will be higher than the small factory production;

In fact, consumers in the purchase of LED panel lights, LED Panel Light the easiest way is to compare the test, high-quality LED panel lights higher prices, the hair of the light completely like incandescent, giving a comfortable feeling, if the direct The lights will feel garish. Poor or counterfeit products do not have such a feature, the light made by a layer of gray, light color is not comfortable, this light irradiation, the color will be distorted, straightforward lights will not have a dazzling feeling.