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LED Three Anti-light Product Description
- Jun 14, 2017 -

Led three anti-light for factories, warehouses, cold storage, subway, airports, garages, sports venues and other wet, dusty places, all kinds of powder finished semi-finished products processing, steam, water treatment workshop and other places.

LED three anti-light Product Description:

Protection class: IP65

Anticorrosion grade: WF2

Insulation class: I

Power factor: ≥0.98

Voltage range: AC 85 ~ 265V / 50Hz DC 24V, 36V

Introduced cable: Φ8-Φ10mm

Performance characteristics

◆ Light source:

SMD LED white, the use of Taiwan's ultra-high brightness 3528 chip with low attenuation process package from the third generation 2835 lamp beads, single LED up to

11-12lm, up to 1000 hours of zero attenuation. LED Tri-proof Light Lamp housing with T8 pure aluminum alloy shell plus V0 class optical flame retardant PC cover.

◆ Lamp housing:

100% pure polycarbonate shell, strong UV protection.

Ultraviolet V0 optical PC transparent protective cover.

Shell and protective cover pure polycarbonate material use, resistance up to 20J, 2 times higher than ordinary tempered glass, plastic products is 10 times.

The internal design has a special prism, LED Tri-proof Light the output light effect is better, and easy to clean maintenance.

Silicone seals, so that the body completely sealed, effectively prevent dust, moisture and water into.

LED three lights and ordinary lighting compared to it has the following advantages:

1, LED environmental protection: LED spectrum without ultraviolet and infrared, low heat and no flicker, no friccable to protect eyesight, and waste can be recycled, LED Tri-proof Light no pollution does not contain mercury and other harmful elements, you can safely touch, the real green lighting light source.

Second, LED three lights use the life is very long, usually LED light source is called longevity lamp. There will be no loose part of the lamp body, so there is no filament light burning easy to burn the phenomenon, so the LED three anti-lamp life can reach 50,000 to 100,000 hours, longer than the traditional light source life more than ten times, greatly reduced The cost of replacement and maintenance.

Third, LED three anti-light is very energy-saving, it belongs to the DC drive, the power consumption is very low, under the same lighting effects, LED three light than the traditional light source at least 80 percent more energy.

LED three light is to install the LED light source of the three anti-lamps, LED Tri-proof Light three anti-light protection level is generally IP65.