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LED Three Light Without Strobe To Protect Eyesight
- Jul 11, 2017 -

LED Three lamp product features:

• Wide input voltage range, applicable to any country, region

·led light efficiency up to 100 lumens

• High efficiency heat treatment, light flux maintenance rate of nearly 94%

• Built-in isolated low-voltage constant current drive, safe, stable and reliable

• Lamp housing through 2500V withstand voltage test;

• The lamp shell is extruded by flame retardant rigid PVC, LED Tri-proof Light with high strength, corrosion resistance and light weight.

• Easy installation, long life, maintenance-free

• Three: Waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, protective grade IP65

LED three lamp suitable place:

Factory workshop, Office, food factory, cold storage, shopping malls, supermarkets, textile mills, anti-corrosion and other places of lighting, LED Tri-proof Light can completely replace the traditional three lamps

LED Three lamp installation method: Ceiling, hanger, chain

LED three lamp and ordinary lighting compared it has several advantages:

First, led environmental protection: LED spectroscopy does not have ultraviolet and infra-red, low heat and no stroboscopic, no strobe can protect eyesight, and waste can be recycled, LED Tri-proof Light no pollution does not contain harmful elements such as mercury, you can safely touch, the real green light source.

Second, led three lamp use life is very long, usually the LED light source is called longevity lamp. The light body will not have loose parts, so there is no filament glow fever easily burning phenomenon, so led three lamp life can reach 50,000 to 100,000 hours, than traditional light source life of 10 times times longer than, LED Tri-proof Light greatly reducing the cost of replacement and maintenance.

Third, led three lamp very energy-saving, it belongs to DC drive, consumption power is very low, under the same lighting effect, led three lamp than the traditional light source energy saving at least 80%.