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The Advantages Of LED Panel Light
- Mar 02, 2017 -

LED panel light using ultra-high brightness LED as the light source, apply hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, Home Interior, interior lighting, can be directly replaced ordinary fluorescent lamps and high brightness.

LED panel light main properties and characteristics are as follows:

1, flexible design of LED panel light

LED is a point-like light designers through a flexible combination of point, line and plane, customers can design a variety of different shapes, different particles of light, its design is very flexible.

2, high light LED panel

LED panel light using a uniform glow of reflective panels and sealed design, combined with high performance light guide plate, and aluminum alloy material. Glow effect even illuminance is higher.

3, LED panel light less heat

-LED panel lights light, cooling functions, low power, less heat.

4, LED panel light long life

LED the theoretical life of up to 100,000 hours. If calculated at 8 hours a day, its life in more than 27 years. CPL Cup theory life even more than 100,000 hours.