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Tips For Buying LED Lamp
- Jul 11, 2017 -

How to separate the LED tube light quality good and bad?

1, in the purchase of LED lamp, you can look at the appearance of the tube lamp first, see whether the light body is clean and bright, have no scratches, the overall feel is good, better than a good LED lamp handle will be heavier, because the use of materials and radiators will be better.

2, will be led tube lamp in hand shaking, LED Downlights listen to whether there is a different sound, if there is a different sound of the tube lamp inside no reliable fixed, there is a safety hazard, for unqualified products.

3, light led tube light, with the mobile phone image function close to the light-emitting surface to see whether there is stroboscopic, if there is stroboscopic, LED Downlights then this led lamp equipped with the power supply for low-end low-quality products, affect the overall quality of LED tube lights.

4, at the same time light several same led lamp manufacturers to produce the same type of tube lamp, observe its luminous color and brightness is consistent, LED Downlights if there is a clear inconsistency, is inferior, because the same led lamp manufacturer of the same type of products can not appear luminous color and brightness inconsistent situation.

5, so that led tube lights continue to light a few minutes, touch the LED tube lamp behind the radiator, feel the temperature, such as the feeling of searing pain, the overall temperature of the LED lamp is too high, easy to damage. Product quality can be considered unqualified.

We know that the quality of LED tube lamp is good or bad, mainly from the following several parameters analysis.

1. Drive the power supply. A high quality drive power can guarantee the life of a whole lamp, the theory life of LED lamp is 100,000 hours, and the life of the general drive Power will be under 50,000 hours. So in order to ensure the life of the lamp, LED lamp manufacturers tell you that the driving power is very important, LED Downlights but also one of the most critical components. The other side LED tube lamp must be constant current power supply, if the use of Low-cost constant voltage power supply will greatly shorten the life of LED lamp. So how do we identify the quality of the constant current power supply? Look at a few parameters can be, the service life, optical decay, light efficiency and warranty years. If the service life is longer, the quality of the power supply will be relatively better.

2. Light source. Professional LED tube Lamp manufacturers tell you that the high quality LED lamp power supply generally using the imported Samsung Point Light source. The light source is well chosen, and the quality of its luminaire is not much.

3. Light decay. The better the LED tube lamp ≤30% before 25,000 hours, LED Downlights but the main factor that decides the light failure is the light source and the radiator's good or bad. But the good light source has the foreign Cree and so on.

4. Light effect. The luminous effect is the number of lumens per watt, and the unit is LM. It reflects the power-saving performance of LED lamp. The better the power-saving performance of the luminaire, the higher the luminous efficiency.